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“ I was about to give up.  I made the phone call that changed our lives.”

-- Elder Network former client and Elder Network volunteer

 For the past 33 years, Elder Network has served seniors and their families impacted by the limiting effects of aging have an optimal quality of life.   

We have helped seniors through grief and loss, helped them with little things like dishes, laundry or a ride to the doctor.  

When they were feeling alone, forgotten or left behind, we were there with a warm smile and a good chat. 

For 33 years, we have been there for families who needed a break or someone to talk to about caring for their loved one.    

During the pandemic, we have not stopped serving clients. We have been called upon to provide assistance to those isolated in their homes and/or those who are now working from home and caring for a family member. Our volunteers and staff continue to visit and serve clients in their homes, as well as through virtual offerings. 

 As a locally-grown, community-based non-profit, we focus on providing a range of programs that help seniors maintain their health and independence, and provide caregivers with support to enrich and extend their caregiving journey.  We serve more than 1,500 people per year, with almost 10,000 hours of serving seniors in Olmsted, Winona and Wabasha Counties.  

Elder Network believes strongly in supporting the needs of seniors and their caregivers who are financially burdened. We provide payment plans for individuals, and most services are offered on a sliding-fee scale that enables those of lower incomes to pay lower rates for services. We also work with funders to provide some services on a voluntary contribution basis, as well as through discounted prices with scholarship funds to cover certain costs for specific programs. We are always working with businesses and community agencies to extend our reach to those who are most in need.

We continue to serve clients from all backgrounds and are continuously working to ensure that rural residents, individuals with disabilities, veterans, immigrants, refugees, BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, and other essential members of our community are represented. We thank our community of supporters and volunteers for making our work possible.

We couldn't do it without the help of people like you. 

You can help.  You can be the friendly face at a neighbor's door.  You can be the ride to the Doctor's office.  You can be the one who does the dishes or makes a lunch.  You can be the listening ear or the one who gives a friend a break for a few hours.  

Your gift to Elder Network can support our:

*  Senior Advocates  - Licensed Social Workers provide help with Medicare and insurance, find information and referrals, and work with seniors to access government and community services to get the help that they need.

*  Friendly Visiting - Loneliness and social isolation are linked to depression and decreased life expectancy. Seniors receive a friendly visitor once per week, for 1-2 hours, for conversation, games and outings.  

*  PEARLs - This treatment program reduces symptoms of depression and improves quality of life among adults aged 60 years and better, including those with epilepsy. Services include six to eight in-home counseling sessions that focus on the following goals: solving problems, becoming socially and physically active, and scheduling enjoyable activities.

* Caregiver Respite - Trained volunteers provide "respite care" for a caregiver once/week for 2-3 hours.  This respite allows caregivers the opportunity to take a break or accomplish tasks while ensuring their loved ones receive consistent care.

*  Companion Services - Staff provide in-home (non-medical) support for seniors to help them maintain their independence.  Companions do light housework, cook meals, file and organize, and run errands.

*  Transportation - provide rides to medical appointments, as well as non-medical locations that serve essential needs, such as grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, purchasing clothes, visiting legal services, etc.

*  Caregiver Support - caregivers can participate in classes or receive caregiver coaching to help them manage stress and enjoy caregiving more.

*  Education - offering evidenced-based, and community education for seniors and families.  We advocate for seniors  in our community, and collaborate with others to serve them.

*  Technology Assistance - This program provides access to iPads and mobile hotspots for clients in need of assistance with technology access and education. Volunteers are matched with clients to provide weekly or semi-monthly support, direction, and education on how to access applications on the iPads to enable them to complete tasks of daily living.

Please donate now to help seniors and their families.


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