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Students in Pakwach, Uganda eagerly  helping to unload books and school supplies delivered by Education Africa to 143 schools and libraries in November of 2018. Education Africa's President, Dr. John Ocama (3rd from the right), partners from Jonam Development Foundation and local officials celebrate the arrival of a shipping container of books and educational supplies donated by Books for Africa to Dr. Ocama's home district of Pakwach, Uganda.  

African Solutions:

Education Africa is working by a model of empowerment to address the great education needs of children and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our method involves several crucial players and methods:

  1. We recognize a huge untapped resource of the African diaspora. We are recruiting successful people who have left Africa and are now willing and dedicated to return and give back to their home villages, towns and regions where they grew up. These returning Africans have the unique knowledge, understanding, and language and cultural awareness to be able to bring about a successful project by guiding it through circumstances few Westerners might even be attuned to. They are also needed to communicate the success and shortfalls of projects and to assess what changes need to be made for a project to be more effective. 
  2.  A successful project requires a competent partner in Africa. Education Africa cannot manage the day to day operations in Africa. It’s efforts will be meaningless unless it can help empower its partner organizations and nurture their dedication to education and the success of their projects. 
  3. Education Africa will offer support to projects; but will not be the owners of projects or resources. We see our task as cultivating home grown African educational organizations that understand the goals and methods of non-profit charities, and partner with them to create successful projects that improve the education of children and youth. We will hold our partners to standards required by our 501(c)3 status. 
  4. Education Africa will regularly review and re-evaluate our projects for effectiveness, efficiency and adherence to our mission. We want to assure our donors that their contributions are used as best they can be.

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