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Support the International School of Popenguine - Educating for Senegal's Future!

This donation page, like the International School of Popenguine, is a work in progress. Check back for updates. 
In October 2017, the International School of Popenguine will enroll its first class of students. 
The school is the vision of Senegalese educator Bamba Ndiaye, who has spent his career working in development throughout Africa for the United Nations and USAID.  ISP will focus on the skills that Senegal needs in order to progress in the coming decades - digital literacy and English language competence. And in a country that has been hit hard by deforestation and drought, ISP has an extensive tree-planting program, focused on endangered indigenous plant varieties with medicinal and nutritional value, which serves as a site for ISP's environmental education program. 
Bamba - as his friends call him - and his wife, Minneapolis native Lisa Franchett, have funded the building of the school from their own savings. Bamba has laid many of the bricks, and dug the foundations, with his own hands. But now he needs your help. 
ISP isn't the first school in Senegal to offer training in information technology.  There are private academies in Dakar where tuition can range as high as $24,000 per year. That's far beyond the reach of talented young students from less affluent families, in a country where the average income is just over $2,000 per year. And that's the part of Bamba Ndiaye's vision that makes ISP unique. Basic tuition at ISP is only $300 per year., with additional fees of $200 for computer education and $150 for English classes. But even that amount is beyond the means of many students from poor families - and that's why ISP needs your support. 

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