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Every dollar you invest in the Center for Economic Inclusion fuels our work to close racial employment, income, and wealth gaps and build racially inclusive and equitable regional economies. 

We invite you to donate $50, $500, $5,000 or more to support our 5 For 5 Campaign in honor of 5 years of moving racial equity and inclusive growth forward and to accelerate and expand our impact in 2023 and beyond.   

To uproot racism, accelerate regional inclusive economic growth, and create an economy that truly works for everyone, we need you!

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Founded in 2017, the Center is the nation’s first Black woman-owned and led organization dedicated exclusively to closing stagnant racial employment, income and wealth gaps and building inclusive regional economies by fostering a culture of shared accountability among public and private sector employers.

In addition to working within the public- and private-sector nationally, we work throughout Minnesota in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, Greater St. Cloud, and other communities throughout the state.

We give public- and private-sector leaders and employers  the knowledge and tools to build, scale, and institutionalize anti-racist workplaces in shared accountability with Black and Brown people to close racial wealth gaps and build racially equitable and inclusive regional economies:

  1. Employer Inclusivity and Inclusive Growth Consulting Services / We collaborate with employers to provide organizational consulting services in 5 Pillars of Racially Responsive Employer Action (People, Products, Procurement, Policy, and Philanthropy) while measuring and improving organizational effectiveness nationally and throughout the region.  
  2. Research & Public Policy /  We aggregate data to produce dashboards, reports, and publications based on regional trends that intersect with inclusive growth, economic development, human capital, transportation, and housing. We use this data as a framework leveraging our Indicators for an Inclusive Regional Economy™,  to support local, regional and state leaders and policy makers to take data-informed, racial equity actions and develop programs, policies, and practices designed to advance economic inclusion within the region.
  3. Convening for Action / We curate experiential learning convening, conferences, and workshops designed to raise awareness, foster shared accountability, drive action, and build allies. This year alone over 10,000 people have participated in our programs, with high rates of responsive action following workshops. We leverage community and multi-media campaigns to inform, equip and inspire employers and policymakers, for example, to invest in regional workforce development to:
  • Build inclusive, equitable and engaging workplaces.
  • Leverage inclusive workplaces to increase productivity and market growth.
  • Drive public policy change through lobbying and regional advocacy. 
  • Facilitate cross-racial, multi-sector partnerships for increased awareness, action, and accountability.
  • Elevate the economic imperative of closing racial wealth gaps by investing in Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian individuals, businesses, and communities.

Moving from Awareness to Action to Accountability

We help leaders build the capacity to assess opportunities and challenges through the experiences of race, place, and income and to move from awareness about disparities to taking anti-racist actions in solidarity and shared accountability with Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian communities.

Our approach is intentionally designed to disrupt and dismantle systemic racism and bias to construct and sustain an inclusive, equitable and growing regional economy for all Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian individuals, businesses, and communities throughout the region.

We use data as a driving force to identify economic gaps that require strategically collaborative public- and private-sector solutions, with a deep understanding that resources are the foundation for achieving inclusive and equitable growth.

The economic imperatives for closing racial wealth gaps also illustrate the opportunity for leveraging racial equity and inclusion to build more resilient and competitive regions and an inclusive economy that truly works for everyone. Join us!

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