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You’re reading this because you love music, and chances are, you also love Jesus. The fact that these two areas of your life have come together is no coincidence. God has been speaking to people through music for thousands of years. During Old Testament times, King David wrote songs of thanks and praise that we are still reading today (see the book of Psalms); during the Reformation, Martin Luther wrote hymns that we are still singing; and artists like David Crowder and Phil Wickham are now writing the worship anthems that we will be singing tomorrow. Whether you have attended just one or a dozen concerts promoted by Echo Ministries, you have no doubt been blessed by the inspiring and hope-filled message of Christian music. Echo Ministries has been partnering with churches, colleges and communities throughout the Midwest for TEN years.

As a result of Echo’s commitment to bring great Christian concerts to communities and colleges across the Midwest, several of these shows were held in smaller, more rural locations where having a concert with a national act is not as common.  

We remain committed to keeping ticket prices low and bringing quality concerts to the Midwest, but we can't do this without your help. Will you consider deepening your partnership with Echo Ministries by giving a financial gift?

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