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Donations will allow overseas workers to care for orphans, provide skills training for women, give scholarships to worthy students, and meet physical needs of those in their sphere of influence

Our mission is to provide training, tools and resources that enhance the outreach efforts of developing world Christian leaders who are striving to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in their sphere of influence.

Our partners  in India, Kenya and Haiti are providing education for more than 3500 children but need our help to cover school fees, uniforms, school supplies and to help pay teachers' salaries.  Some partners are offering vocational training and need our help to acquire essential tools and to pay teachers. 

 We are also partnering with about 30 schools, colleges and seminaries in Myanmar, India, 7 African nations, the Pacific region and Haiti to supply books for their libraries. At this time we have shipped over 86,000 books to these developing libraries. We need your help to cover the costs of shipping.

We will continue to provide scholarships for students in developing countries who are preparing for ministry, to assist those who are caring for orphans, widows and the disabled, to aid in the support of clinics and others providing medical care, to provide tools for various training centers, to provide supplemental support for village pastors and Christian school teachers,  and to meet emergency needs when they occur. 

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