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  • Early Education is the place where families with young children begin their relationship with Alexandria Public Schools.  The first years of life are some of the most critical times for cognitive and physical development and we want to support the children and families of our community through this journey. Along with reading great books and having access to amazing resources, Alexandria Early Education and Preschool programs are here to provide a sound foundation for the early years of life.

    Our classrooms include many discovery opportunities and manipulatives that allow for learning experiences different than what students may have at home. Creating rich indoor and outdoor learning environments where students are able to explore and reach their goals is what we strive for. Children also benefit from interactions with their peers and learn social skills that prepare them for their future. We are here to support the children and families that we serve. 

    Support from the community that we live in is extremely important to us. We believe that our students deserve the best education that we are able to provide. As part of our community, you can help us reach that goal! One way to help support us and our students would be through donations. These donations would help us purchase more equipment and materials to aid in our students learning. Currently we are working on expanding our outdoor area and we are so excited about it. The outdoors present many learning opportunities through exploration of the world we live in. Any contribution that you are willing to make is greatly appreciated by our staff, students and families.

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Early Education Center




1410 McKay Ave S, Ste #102
Alexandria, MN 56308


(320) 762-3305

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