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It was the vision and hope to never hvae those who served in out military to live in darkness but to bring them into the light to soar and fly free. To help them restore the HONOR, DIGNITY, PRIDE, AND PURPOSE each deserves.

A promise to one and a need of many was what created the vision of Eagle's Healing Nest.

The "Eagle" represents the past, present and future military strength, independence, pride and honor.

The "Nest" is full of meaning such as home, family, brother/sisterhood, safety and security.

The "Hands" cradling the nest represents the many that will wrap their support and give services to the veterans, military members and their families to help them reintegrate them back to their families and their communities.

**Through the determination of a mother's love building a place to heal with honor, & fiding the strength to help heal our heroes and their families... We CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE by JOINING HEARTS AND HANDS.



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