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Dear Friend of Eagan High School,

The Class of 2023 has finally made it to their Senior Year! Highschool has been anything but normal for these kids-- their freshman year ended with them learning on small screens from their bedrooms, with no spring sports, art, or music. And their sophomore year was similarly full of challenges, with hybrid and distance learning changes and the continued cancellation of many high school traditions. But these kids are tough. They’ve sacrificed. They’ve adapted. They’ve persevered. And they’re closing in on graduation.  Unlike the classes right before them, the Class of 2023 has finally been able to return to many EHS traditions, including the Eagan Highschool Senior Class Party. 

This event is an all-night lock-in at the school, with games, entertainment and prizes with a primary goal: To provide a safe, supervised, substance-free and fun event for the students to celebrate each other and to be together one final time.

Thank you for providing support!  We know family circumstances and priorities continue to be challenged this year. This should not be a barrier to participation in this long-standing tradition for our Seniors and your tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit will ensure everyone gets to participate!  The Senior Party Planning Committee has set a fundraising goal of $30,000. Though ticket sales will help offset the cost for all students to attend, we are fundraising to defray the expenses of ensuring that any student who wants to attend can attend, regardless of their ability to pay. Any additional funds will be applied to things like janitorial services, security, games and prizes, and we’ll pay it forward with a starter-fund for the next Class of 2024 after us, again a tradition of the Senior party. Your generous donations are so appreciated and will be a great benefit for the Class of 2023 and beyond! 

On behalf of the Eagan High School Senior Party parents, we thank you for your donation! 

With appreciation,

The Eagan Senior Party Planning Team

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