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We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we received from our community, which helped us meet and exceed our 2nd annual Library Giving Day goal!

Our work for the library, our donors, and our community continues during #GiveAtHomeMN week, as we shift our focus to the youngest children of Duluth and their families.

Every Child Ready Duluth

 In Duluth, we have an opportunity gap: only 47% of children arrive for the first day of kindergarten ready to learn.

This gap in school readiness can lead to long-term disparities in literacy. Those who cannot read well are paid less, more often out of work, less likely to vote, less informed about civic affairs, and less able to meet the healthcare needs of themselves and their families.

The Duluth Public Library has crafted a bold initiative, Every Child Ready Duluth, to help bridge the gap in school readiness in Duluth so that all of our children can succeed. Led by the library, a new city-wide coalition of individuals and organizations are working together to promote school readiness.

Although the libraries are closed, the dedicated Every Child Read Duluth team, working remotely, have continued their work. They have already delivered clean, new books to the children and families in greatest need. In collaboration with community partners, they are determining new ways to deliver services to children and families with the aim that all of the children of Duluth will be ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten. They are adapting to meet the challenge posed by the pandemic, and your support will help!

An Extraordinary Match

We are grateful to be able to add that every gift given for Every Child Ready Duluth will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000, by two of our philanthropic donors.

Please join us in supporting this invaluable endeavor for the benefit of the youngest children of Duluth.

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