Duluth Library Foundation

It's all about love - and literacy.

We know literacy matters to you and literacy is at the heart of what we do.

Literacy creates community, culture, love of the arts, history and sciences.

And at the heart of literacy – making reading fun, enriching vocabulary, getting books into children’s hands - is your public library.

The Duluth library, with its three branches, is kept open and maintained through a basic city budget. The real outreach – programs like preschool, baby and toddler Storytime, job search, “Book Club in a Bag,” after-school clubs for teens, Kaleidoscope programs and music on the Plaza, DVD’s and STEM science kits for checkout, afternoon movies – are possible only through donations.

Your contribution to the Duluth Library Foundation will be used to provide vital programs and materials – like these and more - that create and foster literacy.

Your library isn’t a library without you. Please give generously.

Your gift will be matched again this year by an anonymous local donor!

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