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Duluth Folk School brings people together to share skills, knowledge, and experiences. We support making things by hand, building community, and having fun. Classes are taught by community members and visiting artists and makers. Topics range from fiber and paper arts, repair and re-use, woodworking, music, natural history, cooking, and outdoor skills. Community is nurtured daily through cups of coffee, causal crafting sessions, community dance and music and more. 

Lifelong Learning

Classes at Duluth Folk School encourage adults to try new things, strengthen skills, and give back to the community. The benefits of friends and neighbors coming together to make things by hand are many. Handcrafting classes and community gatherings reduce feelings of isolation, build confidence and resiliency, and improves mental health. In 2023, more than 600 people have participated in over 80 different classes. Looking to 2024, we plan to diversify and grow this engagement. This requires an investment in planning, technology, and relationship building. Your support makes that possible. 

Skill Sharing 

Sharing skills is one way to build a stronger, more equitable society. As social creatures, we learn from each other. Skills and knowledge are passed through generations and circles. In some instances, these links have been broken or frayed over time. The Folk School is a place where skills can be passed from community member to community member. Handcrafting and repair skills can influence generational wealth, cultural preservation, and quality of life. Consider the skills you have to share or those you wish to learn. Your financial support keeps the local skill ecosystem thriving.

Youth Development

Our outreach and on-site youth programs focus on introducing children (and their caregivers!) to handcrafting. These classes encourage youth to try new things, work through challenges together, and take pride in their creativity and abilities. The next generation of craftspeople and artists is right here! Your support enables us to offer programming at low or no cost to community organizations and participants. Thank you for lifting up young people in this way. 

Be a Part of Something Great. 

1. Joy, connection, and creativity are basic human rights that Folk Schools foster!

2. Bringing people together to learn in collaborative and non-competitive ways 
heals people’s feelings of loneliness and isolation.

3. Skill and knowledge sharing strengthens the social fabric of our community. 

4. Students and teachers support each other through a local economy.

5. People gather to create community, art, and function that didn’t exist before. 

Your Generous Donation Helps. 

  • Sustain our existing programs
  • Diversify our offerings
  • Expand our capacity
  • Reach underserved communities  

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