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We are the Twin Cities' only breast cancer survivor dragon boat racing team providing education, outreach and support

The Heart of the Matter

Our mission is to demonstrate that a full and active life is possible following a breast cancer diagnosis. We are dedicated to promoting the early detection of breast cancer and raising awareness of the importance of physical fitness in fighting this disease.  The Dragon Divas have now grown to over 80 members!  We need your support!


  • Women in the United States have a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during their lifetimes.

  • In 1996 researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada challenged the prevailing medical thinking that women treated for breast cancer should avoid rigorous upper body exercise. A group of women survivors were trained in the sport of dragon boat racing. Research showed that the participants experienced physical and mental health benefits as a result of dragon boat paddling. Not only did they improve their quality of life, but had no increase in lymphedema.
  • We were inspired by this study to bring this message of hope to the Twin Cities community and reassure those diagnosed with breast cancer that having an active lifestyle after diagnosis is both possible and encouraged. Winning races isn't our primary goal; instead, promoting awareness about the importance of early detection, being part of a cohesive team both on and off the water, and empowering each member to improve their personal fitness are our motivating goals.

We Praise You Loudly!

  • Please support us! Funds raised go towards year-round fitness training, dragon boat paddling training, participation in dragon boat festivals, hosting outreach events, and connecting a community of thriving breast cancer survivors.

"Instead of meeting around a table, we meet in a dragon boat on the water. We feel the support of our teammates as we paddle side by side.  We feel the support of our families and community as they watch us from shore.  We breathe fresh air. We challenge our bodies.  We gain strength from each other in all aspects of our survivorship.  We heal. We have fun." Mary

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