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Dorothy Day - Over 30 years serving the homeless in Rochester

On any given night, when guests drop by for a cup of coffee and a snack lovingly provided by our volunteers, they tell their stories to one another and to the volunteers who spend their mornings and evenings making sure that everyone is welcome.

“Adam” was in the US Marine Corp for 30 years. Now, on the other side of the trauma of war which brought him 4 bullet wounds and a bayonet scar, he’d prefer to focus on his time as a cattle rancher, instead of dwelling on the Stage 4 brain, bone and kidney cancer diagnosis he has received. “Rachel” recounts her daughter’s birthday wishes, and talks about how they’ll be together again when she gets back on her feet, while “Henry” writes and sings gospel songs, derived from his own painful experiences and the support that God continues to show him through it all. 

The Dorothy Day Hospitality House has been serving the homeless by providing hope through shelter, meals and basic necessities in Rochester for more than 30 years. These stories and many more can be shared daily in our house due to the incredible support that we receive. However, our house has maxed out its capacity, hindering our ability to serve everyone who needs help.

This year, our goal is to raise $15,000 towards our building fund, as Rochester’s homeless need has grown with the city and is outstripping what the house, originally built in 1910, can provide. Fire and zoning codes will not allow us to extend past our current capacity of 23 beds, which means turning people away who need help because we are out of space. Please consider giving to this incredible cause, and to the people who benefit directly from your generosity.

Since we are an all-volunteer organization, every dollar we receive from our donors goes directly into serving the need of our clients. Please consider making a gift to us.


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