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Dissonance is an organization that supports wellness in and through the arts. We challenge stigmas and strike balances to show you do not have to be unwell to be successful. How have you benefitted from art today? Did you read a book? Listen to music? Enjoy a movie or admire a painting? Perhaps you heard a podcast or marveled at invention. Real people - artists - are responsible for that. Together, we can dismantle the romanticized myth of the tortured artist and support the humans whose work enhances all of our lives. 

Providing access to community around mental health and recovery is at the heart of our mission. Dissonance creates and shares resources for wellness. We organize and support community-driven events and share stories to break down the stigma around issues of mental illness, wellness, addiction, recovery, and creative professions.

Dissonance is 100% volunteer run by an unpaid Board of Directors and Dissonance Helpers who do everything from planning and executing public events to booking artists and connecting folks to direct support resources. This means that all of your donation will go directly to our mission of building healthy community in and through the arts.  

This year, Dissonance celebrates 6 years as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Click on the Custom Tab above to learn more about our plans for the next one! We are endlessly grateful for your support.

Dissonance Sessions: Where Mental Health and Music Collide

Do you ever wish you could know more about why musicians write the songs they do, what their lyrics really mean, or why music can evoke such powerful feelings? Dissonance Sessions is a series of audio-visual interviews with musicians making art today. Part therapy session, part recording session, each episode takes a deep dive into the story of one artist and allows us to get to know them and their music in more intimate ways. Dissonance Sessions interviews explore their journeys through mental health and self care, addiction and recovery. Donations to Dissonance on Give the Max Day will help fund Dissonance Sessions, including paying for the artists' time, professional audio and visual recording, mixing and mastering, publishing, and promotion. 

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