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The mission of DinoMights is to equip our urban youth to develop physical, academic, social, and spiritual excellence. DinoMights uses a unique approach, grounded in mentoring relationships. We use the game of hockey to build long-term relationships with youth with the goal of enabling them to become confident and successful adults. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to engage our youth through regular phone calls, texting, e-tutoring, dropping off packs of books after a successful book drive (thank you donors), and motivational videos. 


The impact of DinoMights is best described in the students' own words. Alumnus, Xavier, a DinoMights' alumni and graduate of Hamline University, sums up the program’s impact on his life this way, “I used to be one of the ‘baddest’ kids when I started this program . . . But [DinoMights] taught me how to change my attitude and become a better person.”  Many Minneapolis adolescents, like Xavier, have been touched by this innovative approach.


"I don't really play outside enough in the winter unless I play hockey." Many of the current DinoMight hockey players never imagined playing outside on frozen ponds in the Minnesota winter. In fact, some who had recently moved from Mexico, had never even seen snow! Hockey is a great way for urban youth to be equipped to develop physical excellence.  About 40 DinoMights have gone on to play high school hockey. More importantly, students build self-confidence. One seven year old girl explained the impact of hockey this way, "I feel proud, because people tell me I do good."


Part of the original vision for DinoMights was to walk alongside students from early elementary all the way to high school graduation. DinoMights participants are reaching graduation age, and graduating! Since our founding in 1995, 86% of DinoMights have graduated on time, compared to 51% over the same time period for Minneapolis public schools. DinoMights are equipped to develop academic excellence mainly through academic tutoring. Tutors serve as mentors as well as providing academic help. Most students show at least one full year of progress in reading each year.


One of the most common things that the students say about DinoMights is that it helped them make friends. What is really incredible is that they make friends across ethnic and economic boundaries that usually keep people from being friends. Urban youth are equipped to develop social excellence through relationship-building and service projects. The team environment provides mentor relationships with coaches, and a positive place to learn how to interact with peers in a diverse setting. One DinoMight put it this way, "I have made a lot of friends on the DinoMight team and it has helped me motivate others like when we taught those kids to skate." Each spring DinoMights serve their community by teaching first graders in 5 Minneapolis elementary schools how to skate in the Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate program.  This spring, DinoMights was unable to put on our Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate, but look forward to bringing it back as soon as possible.


In response to the question, "What do you value most about being a DinoMight," Students respond with answers like, "I value, my friends, coaches, God," or, "always having fun and growing closer to God." One student said this, "That we beat the stereotype that all hockey players are white and that we do it through Jesus Christ." Spiritual activities are optional; however, many students will say that getting to know Jesus is the most important thing about being a DinoMight. Staff, coaches, and tutors all seek to share the love of God with DinoMights by actively loving them. Our main spiritual program in the option to attend summer camp.  Good News to urban youth is the opportunity to participate in a positive activity that can truly be a family for them. It is in this environment that they can come to know the great love of God. 

Thanks for your interest in DinoMights! We invite you to help us expand our mission by making a donation today!

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