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Driving Community Growth for a Sustainable Future

Destination Duluth was founded in 2013 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, with the goal of delivering comprehensive resources dedicated to educating a global audience about the qualities of Duluth, Minnesota, to help shape the City's positive population growth and ensure its future as a world-class community.

Through consistent, positive messaging through web and social media channels, Destination Duluth has garnered one of the largest social media networks in the region, with as much as 70% of our audience coming from outside of the Duluth area, in line with our organizational mission to drive population growth. Destination Duluth has leveraged this massive reach to help shape consistently positive public discourse about our community, by mobilizing people to share their love of the region, and helping Duluth rise to the top in such national competitions as Outside Magazine's "Best Outside City in America" competition.

Through a partnership with the University of Minnesota - Duluth, Destination Duluth has successfully developed an ongoing internship program, teaching business students best practices in social media management, and helping bridge an important connection between college students and the local community, which encourages students to consider choosing permanent residence in Duluth.

By hosting community events such as "Celebrate Winter," Destination Duluth has encouraged people to get outside, and actively celebrate the natural and built assets which make the Duluth area unique and special.

With your support, Destination Duluth will continue to develop its virtual reach to encourage tangible engagement in the community, and drive population growth through an enhanced web portal and relocation tools. Destination Duluth believes that a growing community is a vibrant community, which can provide enhanced economic and social opportunities for its residents, businesses and organizations alike.

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