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Damascus Way Reentry Center was founded in 1975 by GMAE to serve as a live-in reentry program for men on parole and to work with men who are


Damascus Way Reentry Center was founded in 1975 by GMAE to serve as a live-in reentry program for men on parole and to work with men who are on probation, waiting trial, or reentering society after completing a primary drug treatment program.


The Center helps men who leave prison ill-equipped for life outside of prison: about 70% of parolees or ex-convicts return to prison. Damascus Way's residential facility offers Bible class, job placement, introduction to positive support groups, mandated church attendance, counseling, AA meetings, financial workshops, and transitional housing. CHRISTIAN HALFWAY HOUSE PROGRAM In order to successfully complete the program, each resident must, among other criteria • Complete mandated time as directed by the DOC, usually 60 days • Have maintained full-time employment or full-time school attendance • Have achieved satisfactory progress on goals • Have established a support network • Be chemically free • Have had no major program violations in the last 14 days of the program • Have an acceptable release plan, including housing. HIGHLY STRUCTURED ENVIRONMENT AND 24-HOUR SURVEILLANCE Damascus Way offers the state and local corrections systems and interested clients a well-supervised program allowing offenders to begin their reentry into the community in the safest possible manner. No resident may be away from the facility without staff authorization, and residents must follow strict procedures for signing in and out of the facility. All residents must call in to the facility according to their various supervision guidelines and are required to account for all their time away from the facility, whether at work, on job-search, at various groups, or on free time. In addition, all residents are expected to be employed or in school full-time, and a full schedule of evening programming is also required. Weekday and weekend curfews are enforced, and the facility is staffed on a 24-hour basis. Drug and alcohol testing is conducted randomly to ensure a chemical-free environment. CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Upon admission, each resident is assigned a case manager who works with him to develop an Individual Service Plan. Together they formulate goals to achieve while in the program and the strategies required to reach those goals. Case managers assist in referring residents to outside programs and services such as mental-health providers, medical services, financial or legal services, and support groups. Case managers also assist residents in seeking and maintaining employment or enrolling in GED, college, or vocational training. Case managers meet at least once a week with each resident to review progress, discuss goals, address personal needs and issues, and to pray. Toward the end of their stay in the program, the men receive assistance in putting together a release plan that includes appropriate, affordable housing and a sober support network.

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