Dakota Wicohan works with Native American youth ensuring that they grow up to live healthy successful lives.

Dakota WIcohan (DW) is a Dakota-led nonprofit organization founded and led by members of the Lower and Upper Sioux communities. Serving as a cultural incubator, DW helps over 400 community members annually in southwestern Minnesota. DW works to empower our community in reclaiming the Dakota language and culture, and ensures that it is a vital part of everyday life and values. We work hard to build and sustain families and our community, providing the programs that strengthen the fabric of our community. 

Our four program areas and their tactics are:

*Language: Weekly family and community gatherings aimed to teach and practice the Dakota language and culture.

*Lifeways: Includes horse-based youth programming, apprenticeships in traditional Dakota arts ( quilling, brain tanning, beading and quilting), and showcasing keepers of traditional culture.

*Leadership: Youth mentoring and leadership skill-building for those aged 10-21. The goal being to increase physical and mental well-being, community connectedness, cultural grounding, and social and emotional learning throughout the school year and during the summer.

*Outreach & Education: Events, community service, newsletter, and workshops/presentations. 

Dakota Wicohan has made a positive change in the lives of 100+ Dakota youth in grades 5-12, helping them on a path towards becoming strong leaders. Leaders who will have the values, practical skills, compassion and grounding in the Dakota culture that will help them guide the Dakota community in the future. You can support these wonderful youth leaders and all our important programs, by donating on Give to the Max Day. By joining together, we can all make a difference!

Donate between now and November 17th and Granite Falls Bank will match all donations up to $2,000!

Pidamayaye! Thank you!


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