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Help Bring Curling to the Southern Metro!

Are you fascinated by curling and wish there was a place to play close to home?  Do you simply love the sport and want to see more of it in the Twin Cities? Please help Dakota Curling expand to a dedicated facility right in the middle of historic Downtown Lakeville!

After curling for more than 10 years on hockey ice only one day a week, Dakota Curling is about to make the leap to a full time, dedicated ice facility in downtown Lakeville, opening in January 2017.  Dakota Curling is proud to be expanding strictly on the basis of grass-roots growth and the work of many volunteers, without the deep pockets of city or corporate dollars behind us. Our club is truly developed by curlers themselves and is built around a deep understanding of the traditions and culture of this unique sport.

Why are we moving?  It's simple:  Better Ice, More Of It, and More Variety!

We are installing all new ice equipment and will have high quality curling ice (not reusing hockey ice).  We are excited about broadening our program variety to include novice leagues and youth programs.  We will finally have enough ice time for members to practice outside of games and work with coaches to improve their competitive skills.  We will  have the freedom to develop programs that serve specific audiences, such as wheelchair or deaf curling. We will no longer have to turn away private events simple because the ice isn't available.

So What Does This Cost?

We've signed a 20 year lease in our new facility and the club is making serious investments to ensure that we are creating a place of true community and great curling.  The upfront expenses are pretty significant.  Here are just a few:
  • New Ice Plant and Mats:  $145,500
  • Glycol (coolant) and Vapor Liner: $22,500
  • Insulation Materials for under the Ice: $22,000
  • Misc Fittings and Ice Install: $40,000
  • Lumber for Walkways around the Ice: $3,500
  • Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer: $4,000
  • Construction Materials for Building the Bar: $15,000
  • 2 Tap Keggerator: $1,500
  • Commercial Sinks and Stainless Steel Counters: $1,500
  • Tables and Chairs for Warm Room: $3,000

That adds up to more than $250,000 and we need your help!

The Fundraising Challenge!  (Yes, there are prizes)

If you are able to contribute as an individual, we thank you deeply for your support.  For those of you who want to multiply your impact, please create your own fundraising page and rally your friends and teammates to help contribute as well!  We will track how much you raise and have some cool prizes to award.

Top Fundraiser Wins One Free League ($150 value)

Everyone who raises $250 or more gets their name entered into a drawing for additional prizes:
  1. An exclusive t-Shirt celebrating our new location in Lakeville (5 shirts awarded)
  2. (more prizes to be announced:  if you have something to donate to the prize pool, please email lesliea@dakotacurling.org)
Please help build this club with your support!  Click Start Raising Funds below!

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