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Moving from Race to Culture reimagines reconciliation and healing.

Through this Cultural Wellness Center approach and practice, we are deracializing empathy and belonging, and building a spiritual connection to one another.

The murder of George Floyd raised consciousness in people across the globe of the deep pain surrounding white supremacy and systemic racism. Many acknowledge racism is a public health crisis. Yet, few know how to turn a crisis into collective healing. That’s why Moving from Race to Culture is so powerful: it explores what racism has done to both people of European and African heritage with the aim to eliminate the racialization of the human spirit and to expose the lies around the intentionality of white supremacy and systemic racism. 

We do not accept guilt or shame as a strategy for moving forward or healing. 

Today, the space of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has recently started to include the concept of “Belonging,” which requires that we know each other, and we know each other’s struggle with white supremacy and racism. At the Cultural Wellness Center, we do not consider “whiteness” a privilege; it is not a privilege to have enslaved and murdered millions of people of African descent.

Our mission is to empower people to heal themselves and build community. 

Now more than ever, successful and mutually beneficial interfacing of different cultures is critical to creating sustainable health and wellness in communities. With your support, we can build Dreamland on 38th, the future home of the Cultural Wellness Center, and our nationally recognized approach to racial healing and community building. 

 Join us as we guide people in Moving from Race to Culture — and in embracing cultural wellness.  

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