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Dedicated to improving water quality--one drop at a time!

The Crystal Waters Project was begun in 2013. It brings together those who are committed to improving water quality in Crystal and Loon Lakes. Both lakes are on the MPCA's list of impaired lakes and Blue Earth County has determined that improving the lakes is a high priority. 

There have been some successes: removing 38 tons of carp, adding two floating islands that trap nitrogen and phosphorus, and planting rain gardens to slow the flow of nutrients into the lakes. The city recently completed "Rake for the Lake" which keeps autumn's fallen leaves from ending up in the lake. Residents have also been encouraged to "Adopt a Drain" and keep it clear of debris that can be carried to the lake by rainwater. 

Up next: Restoration of the Robinson Park beach with native, water and nutrient-absorbing plants. The plan includes the eventual addition of an accessible walking path. 
Another possibility: Installation of iron sand filters along Ditch 56 to improve the water that makes its way into the lakes. 

These are small, but vital, steps that have been taken. The problems to be solved are huge, and active involvement at the grass-roots level is needed to make our lakes the vibrant, valuable resources that all can enjoy!

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