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Assistance & Advocacy for Crime Victims

No one can prepare for the experience of being a crime victim - yet it can happen to anyone. Who is a Crime Victim?  Any innocent person who suffers loss, harm or trauma when someone else breaks the law ~ theft, robbery, harassment, vandalism, burglary, homicide, arson. 

Our goal is to help victims understand the criminal justice process.

You Have the Right:

To be notified of:

  • Plea agreements
  • Changes in court and sentencing schedules
  • Final disposition of criminal case
  • Transfer of offender to less secure facility or release
  • Victim Rights

To participate in the prosecution with the right to:

  • Inform the court of the personal impact of the crime at pretrial and sentencing
  • Object to plea bargain
  • Bring a supportive person to pretrial hearing
  • Give written objections to the sentence
  • Attend the sentencing

To protection from harm:

  • Tampering with a witness is against the law
  • Witnesses do not have to state their address in court
  • Victims have the right to a secure waiting area during curt
  • Employers may not discipline or dismiss victims or witnesses called to testify

To apply for financial assistance:

  • Victims may request restitution be paid if they have suffered economic loss

Crow Wing County Victim Services provides these services through their Support Services, Court Related Services, Financial Assistance and Education.

Talking to someone from CWC Victim Services can help.

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