Crime Stoppers of Minnesota

Your donation helps us help law enforcement solve crimes, catch criminals and find fugitives.

We provide the ALTERNATIVE TO SILENCE for those who want to have a safer community by taking a criminal off the streets.  Many in our communities want to do this but are afraid or reluctant to communicate directly with law enforcement; do not want to be known as a ‘snitch’ if it became known that they came forward; may be thrown out of their extended family and network if they ‘do the right thing’; and others want to avoid the hassle of dealing with authorities.

Your donation makes it possible for the good deeds of these people to be done. With your help they can provide information, stay anonymous and that information will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agency to investigate.  Keeping website access available, providing a multilingual call center for 24/7/365 calls, being up to date providing access from a cell phone is essential to this crime fighting resource and needs your financial support.

In cases where information leads to an arrest, Crime Stoppers of Minnesota pays a reward of up to $1,000 depending on the usefulness of the tip to that agency.  Your donation makes it possible for us to give this additional incentive for making our communities safer.

Law enforcement faces the daunting challenge of more crimes being committed each year than are solved. Tip information supplied by citizens through Crime Stoppers bring culprits to justice and helps relieve the pain of their victims.  Law enforcement works hard and patiently to catch criminals and solve cases, which increases the need for the information we gather as it would not otherwise be available to them.

Contribute today and you will be fighting crime. 

Donate now and you will be helping fellow citizens. 

Your generosity will help make your community safer.



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