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At Courage Service Dogs, we are passionate about helping our veterans and first responders cope with the devastating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).   PTSD can be acquired as the result of working in an environment of extreme stress.  This stress may occur as a result of personal involvement with one specific traumatic event or after witnessing a trauma or disaster. PTSD can also be acquired over time which makes law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel especially vulnerable.  A buildup of stressful events over time can lead to a specific event that triggers the PTSD symptoms that remained dormant for years.   

Courage Service Dogs trains English Labradors to be used in our Service Dog Assisted Therapy Program.   After they are fully trained with specific PTSD tasks, we provide therapists use of our dogs during individual and group therapy situations.  We train therapists to use command words to assist veterans and first responders with the barriers PTSD may cause during therapy sessions.  For example, a verbal "alert command" can be used to interrupt a flashback and a "nudging command" can be used to keep the client grounded while talking about difficult subjects.

This differentiates us from most therapy dog programs that provide support and comfort with their dogs, but do not train them to perform specific service dog tasks.  As a result, our clients can have the use of a service dog while not having the burden of owning their own dog.  Our service dogs live in our carefully selected permanent foster homes and are transported to a therapist's office by our staff of volunteers.   

Our program is designed to help as many people as possible using a unique form of animal assisted therapy.   As a small organization, we would only be able to donate 1-2 dogs per year to a permanent recipient.  Under this program, we can help many more during a time when they are most vulnerable to symptoms.  

PTSD is a huge sacrifice made by those who protect our lives on a daily basis.  We are determined to give back to these heroes and do what we can to make

Courage Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization and all qualified donations are fully tax deductible.  Please help us to give a hero back the life they once had before sacrificing their mental health for our safety and freedom.  

Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will change someone's life!   Please join with us as we work to change the lives of such deserving men and women!

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