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Help save & protect the rhino in Africa

The Council of Contributors is a proud group of champions for the rhino. Our work on the ground in South Africa and Kenya helps to curb the poaching crises and secure a future for this keystone species. We identify and support 12 - 14 impactful projects each year and closely collaborate with large, small or grassroots "boots on the ground" and "eyes in the sky" organizations who share our vision of saving the iconic rhino. We do this because the survival of the species lies in our hands. We support these organizations because they do this work with extremely limited resources. 

One fallout of COVID-19 in Africa is that tourism dollars which are typically applied towards anti-poaching has completely dried up. Poaching is on the increase, putting extreme pressure on the last significant populations of rhino; they are being driven to the brink of extinction. South Africa is home to approximately 70% of the world's remaining rhinos, but an average of 1 rhino is still being killed for it's horn every 8 hours in South Africa.

All funds donated to the CoC are strategically channeled directly to the front line of the poaching crises where we can make a positive impact for rhinos and the people protecting them. To view our projects and Contribute, please visit our website: 

The CoC is about many people contributing a small amount in order to accomplish big things together. We leverage the power of the collective and the profound impact is that we make significant contributions to those who are devoted to ensuring the survival of our rhino. Our funds are allocated to 3 focus areas:

1) RHINO ORPHANAGES: Rescue missions and intensive care facilities for orphaned rhino calves who have very specific nutritional needs and milk formulas, specialized veterinarian treatments, long-term rehab and anti-poaching security.

2) ANTI-POACHING & RANGER TEAMS: The CoC funds an array of anti-poaching tactics and technologies that includes K9 Units, Mounted Horse Units, aircraft surveillance patrol, long-distance radios, GPS / satellite tracking collars & equipment and more. 

3) ADULT RHINO RESCUE & RESPONSE: We support expert ground and air teams who respond to wounded rhinos including some of South Africa's leading veterinarians who administer treatment, perform complicated surgeries and offer long-term rehabilitation for rhinos who need a second chance at survival. 

The more people who contribute, the more we can do together. Every donation matters. Every rhino counts.

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   A story of rhino, poaching and how the Council of Contributors came to be.

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