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Cottage Grove Middle School Students Live Our Mission Statement

Cottage Grove MIddle School has approximately 1200 students in grades 6-8 and are part of South Washington County, District 833. We are very proud of our students, but know that at times we need more support to meet their needs. The following is a list of areas where we will use your financial support, should you decide to donate. To fulfill our mission statement and our emphasis on ACE (Academics, Community, Engagement), our students and staff would be appreciative of funds for:
Angel Fund (provides lunch for students without money)
Literacy needs (would provide students with reading materials at many different levels)
Lab supplies (would allow students to complete more hands-on activities)
Math manipulatives (to bring math to life in the classroom)

Our students and families support our communities through fundraising efforts with food shelves, Holiday Train, children's hospitals, Coats for Kids, 10 Days of Giving, breast cancer, animal shelters, and more. We would appreciate your support to fulfill our students' needs. 

Cottage Grove Middle School sincerely thanks you for your support!

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