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2021 has been much like 2020 as we have continued to rage against a pandemic and its ever-lingering effects on families. There is no way to minimize the amount of challenges we had again this year. We have not gotten back to in-person fundraising yet and our online fundraising has been minimal. All while the number of families in crisis needing pet food, supplies, and spay/neuters arranged skyrocketed while supplies, and resources in general, were scarce. Vets have opened back up but continue to be understaffed and our southern spay/neuter clinic was closed to non-shelter animals most of the year. We believe working in areas with pet-population control issues and families in crisis is the best way to help animals live happier and healthier lives, but we can't continue to do that without your financial help! Despite the pandemic hitting our resources hard, we persevered and did all we could to make a difference and keep pets in their homes despite job losses, financial strain, and fear of the future. 

What happens when people can no longer feed their pets? Shelter capacity maxes out, abandonment rates rise, etc.  Keeping pets in their homes with their families, especially during times of crisis, is so important as shelters/rescues/foster homes always seem to be at maximum capacity. 

Nonprofits survive off of program revenue, grants, and fundraising. Coronavirus took away the vast majority of our fundraising again this year and our program revenue was minimal. We need help.  This is where you make a difference by donating. Our number of families helped, pets saved, and animals spayed/neutered is directly correlated with the amount we can raise. 

While we've expanded to multiple states, in 2021 Minnesota was still our front runner for where we served, with over 60% of our assistance and work benefitting Minnesota families, and pet organizations, in crisis.  

  • At Corner of Kindness, we work hard to stretch our money as far as we can, but the bottom line is, we always need help. There are always going to be more animals we can help with our donation-dependant resources offices.  We sincerely appreciate any donation you can provide! We are an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, meaning that all of your donations are tax-deductible!

Take your donation further:

  • For every early giving donation, we have a wonderful donor who will donate an additional $5. 
  • For every donor who elects to make their donation monthly, we have a wonderful donor who will donate an additional $20.

Can't donate but still want to help? Support us on facebook by liking and sharing posts- we always need cheerleaders.


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