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What is Cook County Higher Education?  

CCHE is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to address four critical issues facing our rural remote community:

  • Extreme isolation
  • Skilled worker shortages
  • Limited career advancement
  • Lack of higher education opportunities

With the nearest college or university over 100 miles away (125 miles on average), CCHE makes it possible for local residents to earn a certificate, diploma, or degree that leads to living wage employment right here in our community. 

How is Cook County Higher Education Helping Cook County

Over the past year, CCHE has had a tangible impact on our community.:

  • 5,261 learners benefited from CCHE educational opportunities live or recorded.
  • 911 people registered for events focused on learning about Cook County’s Indigenous History, Language, and Culture, promoting cultural understanding, and strengthening community bonds.
  • 113 community members and business employees completed the American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid course, making our community safer for locals and visitors.
  • 94 current and future business owners received guidance on starting and running successful businesses, as well as accessing grant opportunities which contributes to a vibrant business landscape.
  • 68 Refurbished Laptops were distributed. 56 scholarships for $5,375 helped our friends and neighbors purchase a laptop for $50-$150 (since March 2020, over 450 laptops have been distributed!).
  • 59 residents enrolled in Commercial Driver’s License Training IN Cook County, ensuring a skilled workforce for transportation needs, including delivering merchandise and food to and from your business, managing waste disposal, bussing your children to school, and building your homes.
  • 46 people took Chainsaw Safety Level One or Two. Being safe reduces the stress on our local healthcare system.
  • 38 caring individuals learned how to support youth and adult community members facing mental health challenges and contribute to suicide prevention while fostering a more compassionate and supportive environment.
  • 29 students working and living in Cook County received $46,589 in tuition scholarships.
  • 25 building contractors received continuing education credits for their licenses, fostering local construction projects and promoting growth in both the community and your business.
  • 23 food service employees attended ServSafe Food Manager Training, enhancing food safety standards.

Your support has been instrumental in achieving these outcomes. Our annual goal of $20,000 in donations is within reach, and with your help, we can surpass it.


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