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CRC envisions a society in which each individual’s voice is valued and contributes to a compassionate and caring community.

CRC’s mission is to be unwavering in breaking down barriers and building bridges to honor each individual’s voice and their right to equity by creating spaces for transforming conflict into opportunity and harms into healing. 

We commit to being proactive in opposing racism and promoting racial equity through staff, Board, and volunteer study and self-examination, ongoing scrutiny of organizational practices and programs, and speaking out in our spheres of influence in the community. 

We commit to promoting equity for all LGBTQ+, immigrants, and other individuals from justice-impacted communities. 

We commit to creating innovative and sustainable programs in partnership with the communities we serve. It is essential that CRC staff, Board, volunteers, and associated practitioners reflect the perspectives and experiences of CRC constituencies. 

We commit to approaching all programs and processes through a restorative mindset and inclusive practices, that reestablish or create health, strength, consciousness, and increased capacity for wellness and connectedness.  We celebrate the humanity of each individual and access the wisdom of the collective via communication that promotes nonjudgment, empathy, and deep listening.

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Conflict Resolution Center

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Children & Family Community Volunteer

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2101 Hennepin Ave. Suite 100
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