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A nonprofit organization that provides tools to Conceive the concept of diversity, by experiencing the rich history of different ethnicities. We Believe in the idea and can Achieve an understanding of justice and embrace diversity to create a better tomorrow.

To accomplish this, we offer large-format displays with corresponding syllabus to educators and organizations to help teach, promote and embrace diversity. The displays depict African American history and other ethnicities.

 The displays provide a chance to experience people and places others may not be able to witness without traveling to the origins or the museums. The full-color tabletop displays can be set up at a school or community location.

The goal of Conceive Believe Achieve is to educate students and community members through the use of photo displays and other resources that enable people to learn about historical issues. In so doing, it is our mission to provide information and exposure about other cultures in order to help everyone thrive in a culturally diverse society, and accept others, regardless of culture or skin color.  The displays help some appreciate the views and the solutions of other people unlike themselves.

Together, we can change the hearts of the community and plant the seeds of compassion and understanding, as well as provide an opportunity to learn about diversity from important role models.

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