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Elevating Opportunity for All

Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF) has been empowering people through innovative financial solutions for more than 30 years. CRF finds ways to increase the flow of capital to underinvested communities through

  • supporting other mission-driven organizations,
  • direct lending to small businesses,
  • and developing gap-filling products and services.

What Change Looks Like

By transforming the community development finance system, CRF and its partners are building stronger local economies, enhancing job growth and supporting economic mobility.

To date, CRF has

  • created and retained 85,000 jobs,
  • served 1.8 million people,
  • financed 2,000 small businesses,
  • and lent and invested $2.4 billion.

CRF works with partners and supporters to create long-lasting economic change that changes lives for generations.

What are people saying about CRF?

  • “Having a resource like CRF and its partners on our side has made an enormous difference in our success.” Anissa Keyes, Owner, Arubah Emotional Health Services
  • “Karibu means ‘welcome’ in Swahili and we welcome everyone in the Twin Cities to explore East African cuisine and culture at our restaurant. The day our loan was approved was the happiest day of our lives. My advice to other business owners is: don’t take no for an answer. There are resources like CRF that can help. We’re proof of that.” Mohamed Ali, Owner, Karibu Grocery & Deli
  • "After being turned down six or seven times by traditional lenders, we didn't think a lender of any kind was a viable option, even though we had more than 40 years of restaurant experience. Then, we met Jennifer at CRF and the experience was totally different. I honestly believe we wouldn't be here if not for that." Charles Stotts, Co-owner, Town Talk Diner
  • “I thought my dream was dead. It would not have happened without CRF.”
      Alicia Hinze, Owner, The Buttered Tin
  • "No one gave me a chance even though I had my degree and years of experience. Everyone at CRF believed in me and without them my dream wouldn't have come true."  Kevin Edgmon, Owner, RoadSkulls
  • "CRF gave us a chance, and we were able to save jobs in our community."
      Shaun Hollis, President, 5280 Waste Solution

The deck is stacked. CRF is reshuffling.

Income and opportunity gaps are widening each year and CRF is dedicated to leveling the playing field. We believe capital is a key ingredient for systemic improvement. By creating scalable, equitable opportunities for underserved people to access capital – people of all incomes, races, ethnicities, and genders, regardless of geography – we are igniting new income growth, building multi-generational wealth, and maximizing economic mobility and opportunity for all. 

Join CRF as we elevate opportunity for all!

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