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Keep CAER Cool During #SpringForwardMN 

From May 1-11 during the statewide Spring Forward MN fundraiser, CAER Food Shelf is hoping to raise $25,000 for a walk-in cooler expansion and improvements. 

One of the top requests from our clients is produce. We have the ability to receive and distribute more fresh produce, however, we're regularly at full capacity with our refrigeration.

You can help change that.

With partial grant funding already received from Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless and MidwestOne Foundation for a cooler expansion, CAER is hoping the Spring Forward MN fundraiser can help raise the additional funding for the much-needed project.

Last year, 5,751 individuals had access to a variety of nutritious food items, including produce and dairy items. With a walk-in cooler expansion, CAER will have the opportunity to increase amount the amount of perishable items available to hundreds of households each month. 

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Community Aid of Elk River (CAER)

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