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Social, environmental justice; prison outreach; counseling; and philosophical and theological training from a Christian perspective.

An alliance of hope.  An open-hearted outreach without walls.

Common Ground Outreach (CGO)  is a movement of people of diversity, skill and training, who have joined together spiritually to address the challenges of our time.   Environmental, economic, and social justice are targeted as is the need to build a global alliance that God has called us to be stewards of the Earth and celebrants of God's love.

We provide innovative, grassroots education, and opportunities for connection, seeking to recover people from the margins and fringes they’ve been cast. Although guided by the simple Quaker precept that there is that of God in everyone, CGO is inclusive and welcomes those from diverse backgrounds.  Our workers aspire to relieve the isolation of those we serve by listening empathetically and sharing the message of God’s love with everyone.  From dialogue comes empathy, understanding, and the chance to re-engage an individual’s unique gifts with their communities.  We believe that everyone has gifts and deserves a second chance to make community a better place. 

Some of our programs are:

PRISON OUTREACH - Establishing trusting relationships and sharing resources with inmates shows they are not forgotten.

WISDOM VILLAGE -  Neighborhood drop-in centers and havens with counselors, classes, and opportunities for employment.

COUNSELING - Chemical dependency, addiction counseling - and supportive groups.

PHILOSOPHICAL EXPLORATION GROUPS - people from diverse backgrounds explore and nurture our human condition.

SOCIAL JUSTICE - Volunteers who build strong communities who give of the time and talent to local needs.

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - Conducting workshops, guest speaking and supporting other groups that fight for climate justice.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Invest in this important work.   Common Ground Outreach needs $10,000 to support the next phase of its work.  Consider a gift of $100 or more to help transform lives and give our friends a second chance.  Know that gifts of all sizes matter in expanding the mission of Common Ground Ministries. 


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