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The greater the challenge. The stronger our voice. We can make change together. 

At the start of 2020, CURE never could have imagined the current situation—in the middle of a global pandemic, corresponding economic crisis, and witnessing our state and country final start to grapple with our long history of systemic racism.   

Instead of pausing CURE’s work or making it seem irrelevant, the state of the world has made our job even more important. The speed and volume of issues we are tackling have increased and are even more pressing.   

CURE’s major work in 2020:

  • Standing with rural communities to end racism and grow justice, equity, and inclusion for all Minnesotans.  
  • Working on issues facing Rural Electric Cooperatives from protecting member-owners' lifesaving access to electricity (even if they cannot pay) to relieving co-ops of expensive coal plants to save members money. 
  • Giving a voice to the rural support for a Minnesota Clean Cars Standard that will help reduce our biggest source of climate pollution, make the air we breathe cleaner, and save us money every day. 
  • Collaborating with other area partners for the “We Are Water” and “Why Treaties Matter” exhibits to increase knowledge and awareness around issues of water and Indigenous rights across Minnesota.
  • Connecting individuals and families with nature through our Tallgrass Prairie BioBlitz (coming in 2021), Minnesota Master Naturalist Prairie & Potholes course, and our Freshwater Mussel Field Day.

These are why CURE asks for your support because there is still so much work to do despite our progress. In these turbulent times, we ask you to give what you can to support what you believe in. We do big things and make lasting change TOGETHER. 

ABOUT:  CURE is a rural, community-based, grassroots leader working in the areas of climate, energy, water, rural democracy, and connecting people with nature. In all our work, we pursue environmental justice and social justice hand-in-hand. We share what we know and draw on the expertise of others through regional and nation-wide network collaborations. Our mission is to protect and restore resilient rural landscapes and build vibrant, just, and equitable rural communities by harnessing the power of citizens who care about them.

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