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We Seek to Help Bend the Arc of History Toward Justice.

‘We seek to help bend the arc of history toward justice.’  

That’s CivicMedia/Minnesota’s informal vision statement. 

One of the ways we’re fulfilling that vision is building an app called Megaphone. 


Something in the news gets your back up.  Do you whine?  Post some spew to FaceBook?  Rant at your partner? 


You pick up your phone and touch the Megaphone icon.  You’re transported to a studio where you can find a producer to work with.  She helps you focus your message and determine your audience.  Is it a city council member or legislator or CEO?  Experts will help you to vet your idea.  Your producer will help decide on the best venue.  The point is.  You’re not sitting on your hands.  You’re not pounding your chest.  You’re grabbing the world and shaking it. 

 To make the app real we need your help.  We’re asking you to ante up.  Feed the kitty.  Chip in.  Help maintain my Andy Driscoll’s legacy.

After you’ve helped the people of Aleppo and moved cancer research forward –

please consider investing in your political future.  Support Civic Media.

Help bend the arc of history toward justice.  

And for those of you who don't know us -- here're some thoughts from our founder Andy Driscoll -- 

CivicMedia/Minnesota's flagship public affairs radio program, TruthToTell (TTT), was born of a long-standing commitment to reverse the long trend away from local issues coverage, citizen ignorance over their local governance, and the persistent educational vacuum in learning and understanding local public affairs and the media that reports it.  We seek to collaborate with all stakeholders in the Twin Cities region, including community organizers, researchers, advocates, civic organizations, public institutions and workers, as well as policymakers in state, regional and local government combined with the thousands of citizens affected by policy decisions to create a climate in which all are empowered to influence and effect real policy and change, when needed.

TTT, a one-hour, weekly conversation airing Mondays at 9:00AM.  It usually focuses on a single topic, including multiple and varied perspectives on critical state, local or regional issues - issues rooted in neighborhoods, a city, the Twin Cities Metro or the state of Minnesota.  We're the only outlet focusing on this region's critical issues.

Producing and hosting TruthToTell are Siobhan Kierans, Tom O'Connell and Kel Heyl. We use independent grassroots media production and education from public affairs broadcast programming to improve civic and media literacy of Twin Cities and Minnesota citizens and young people, to inform, immerse, engage, and empower them in local and state public affairs and self-governance – the basis of a healthy democracy. We do it by: 1) Expanding TruthToTell's community into other radio outlets, television venues and online media distribution; 2) Collaboratively bringing TruthToTell's topics and guests into the community for further discussion and debate, including showing citizens how to influence policy at the state and local level; and, 3) Developing a curriculum for learning, understanding state and local governance, its history and workings, as well as the powerful role of media in defining the culture and setting the policy agenda.

Once again -- here's a 134 second video providing an introduction to CivicMedia and the project we're seeking support for --

CivicMedia/Minnesota Seeks Your Support To Build Our Cyber Hub

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