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CIRCLE is a Renville County Community based non profit that helps with the basic needs of individuals and families.

What is Circle? Circle stands for: (Creative Integration of Resources for a Cohesive Life for Everyone)

Resources include: money, time, talents, networks, community resources and supports.

Our belief is that everyone has resources to offer and everyone has needs.

CIRCLE’s mission is to establish quality relationships for the purpose of friendship, support, stability and community. You can get stuff anywhere but not always with a positive caring relationship.

Our vision is the recycling and sharing of resources for stronger communities through building community, dignity, self respect and relationships.

We value the creation of caring communities by welcoming all, valuing all, supporting all and learning from all. 

We try to efficiently redistribute goods and services from individuals, businesses, and churches to individuals and families in need and to communicate availability of resources to community members in need to avoid and minimize the impacts felt by individuals and families in crisis. The faster a family gets on their feet the stronger and healthier our communities are.

CIRCLE Boutique (Thrift Store)- is a means to raise funds to support the other projects with donated items that are in great shape. Necessity items are not sold in Circle Boutique but are stored until needed by an individual or family.

CIRCLE Clothing Pantry (Free household and clothing pantry)- is available free to families and individuals in need of household furniture, utensils, appliances, and clothing. The pantry moves people out of the crisis situation into a thriving situation faster. The pantry also is a way for the families to find out about other support programs.

Back to School Supplies-CIRCLE collects school supplies from individuals, churches and organizations and distributes to Renville County students whose families would not have the financial ability to purchase necessary school supplies.

Winter Outerwear Distribution -Good used winter outerwear such as snow boots, snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves are collected and distributed to children and adults  in need.

Santa’s Closet – This Renville County Christmas gift program is coordinated by CIRCLE. Volunteers collect money, toys and other gift items to distribute to disadvantaged families at Christmas time.

Summer Camps- CIRCLE applies on the behalf of disadvantaged children to summer camp opportunities in Minnesota. CIRCLE coordinates funding and transportation through other agencies and grants.

Salvation Army Vouchers- CIRCLE is a Renville County client support agency trained by the Salvation Army to provide emergency aid to families and individuals.

Quilts- CIRCLE distributes quilts made and provided by area church women’s groups to families in need.

 “Getting Ahead in a Just getting by world” Groups – CIRCLE is offering this curriculum developed by AHA Process to assist individuals and families eligible for government assistance to move out of poverty in collaboration with appropriate agencies and businesses by request.

Job coaching, preparation, clothing, work study, job mentoring- CIRCLE works with a small number of clients each year to intensively promote job success.

Community Service opportunities- CIRCLE offers many opportunities for volunteering to those who want to volunteer, are court ordered to volunteer or are involved with a school or church organization that promotes volunteerism. 


For more information contact: Lori Clasemann 320-329-8202

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