CHUM Saves Lives!

Several years ago we produced a video about CHUM and the work we do from a client perspective.  In the video, a man who has received services through CHUM and who continues to visit the CHUM Center for meals and support regularly stated very clearly that "CHUM saves lives?"  When first watching that video clip it occurred to me how true the statement was and continues to be today.

CHUM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit human services agency in Duluth, MN sponsored and governed by an interfaith coalition of 40 faith communities. CHUM was founded in 1973 when 10 churches located in Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood pooled their resources to meet the needs of the neighborhood’s many low-income residents more effectively. CHUM now offers emergency food, shelter, advocacy, support, and outreach throughout Duluth.

CHUM is Duluth’s primary safety-net organization where people who are homeless or who have very low incomes can come for assistance and a welcoming, safe community. CHUM operates Duluth’s largest food shelf and provides emergency shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and families. We help people find housing and employment, access public benefits, and receive basic medical care. At the CHUM Center people can pick up mail, do their laundry, have a hot meal, socialize over games or conversations, and perhaps most importantly, find a warm and welcoming community where they can be safe, heard, and respected.

Please give to CHUM so that we can continue our mission to give our neighbors a helping hand. Thank you for your support.

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