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Church Innovations Institute is devoted to renewing the Christian Church's focus on God's mission in the world.

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wholly committed to following God's leading for every congregation, Church Innovations (CI) provides research and consulting tools, products and processes that increase your church's capacities to experience God's renewal and transformation.

CI's work crosses denominational and geographical lines and is grounded in over two decades of research.  We have worked with more than 1,000 congregations, 75 national and mid-governing church bodies, and two dozen denominations in seven countries and across all 50 United States.  A few of our processes are:

The Partnership for Missional Church (PMC): groups of congregations (denominational, non-denominational and muti-denominational) joining together on an intensive journey of discovering God's specific call to each of them for moving beyond doing mission to being missional in attitude, vision and action.

Congregational Discovery: a process of deep listening, guided by CI and the Church FutureFinder study, an on-line resouce tool developed by CI, used to guide in planning the congregation's future and renewing focus on God's mission in the world.

Thriving in Change: a theologically based process that teaches participants a set of habits which can be employed to engage faith based conversations on difficult issues.

Dwelling in the Word: a faith habit of listening to each other and God by focusing on the same Scripture passage over a period of time.  Dwelling in the Word is a key component of every process we provide.

CI is, at heart, a research institute, working with leaders in many locations, inside and outside congregations, to create a learning community focused on understanding their church bodies' roles in God's mission and in their own communities.

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