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Children’s Performing Arts is empowering youth to thrive on life's stage!

Children's Performing Arts is a youth development and leadership organization that helps young people, from preschool to through college aged, to grow as artists and individuals. We offer every participant theatrical experiences that enhance self-confidence, personal growth, group collaboration and problem-solving skills.

CPA is unique among youth theater organizations. Unlike other theaters, most of our programs are not cut by audition. Which means that every student who registers for a CPA program is given a role, and our teaching artists work tirelessly to find ways for every participant to shine. Students in our programs learn that every part is important and every individual has a unique role to play.

When CPA decided that it needed to expand their programming to meet the needs of the community, we did countless hours of research, had many discussions with parents and community members, and created some big dreams! Out of this work, CPA developed a 30/30/40 income model. Funds to support CPA would come from - 30% programming, 30% ticket sales, and 40% fundraising, donations, and grants. For the first three years, this model worked wonderfully. CPA was even able to save some money to put towards future seasons. But all that has changed drastically over the past couple years.

The economy keeps throwing surprises at CPA not unlike most performing arts companies across the country. If we were to adopt the 30/30/40 model today, the cost would be prohibitive for most of our families to participate at a time where our scholarship requests, just in our last season, have almost doubled. With increased ticket prices, we would see attendance drop dramatically. When families have to decide between food, gas, and shelter or attend a show - well, the choice is clear.

Like we’ve always done, CPA is getting creative and is already working on a new model, but what we need right now is your help. We have calculated that the cost to put on a show has gone up, on average $8-$10,000 per production over the past couple years. If we want to continue to attract qualified educators and staff to allow CPA students to thrive, the average cost per show, camp, or workshop will continue to go up until the economy settles down.

Help us meet our goal of providing quality theater education and youth development to any student that wants to grow with us!

To learn more about CPA, check out our Facebook page or visit us at www.childrensperforming 

Thank you for giving youth a place to grow!

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Thank You for the Music Performed by CPA Students

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