Children's Minnesota

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Children's Minnesota

Caring for the most amazing people on Earth. 

Children's Minnesota is a nonprofit. That means that we rely on donations to provide the kind of health care kids deserve: highly specialized, compassionate, family-centered and customized for the unique health needs of children.

We never turn a child away. Ever. Thanks to donations, all patients and families have access to the best physicians, treatments and wrap-around services, regardless of their ability to pay.

Donations enable us to deliver more than just expert medical care. Whether it's a child life specialist at the bedside to calm nerves, music therapy in the neonatal unit or interpreter services for non-English speaking families, our child and family services help patients rest easier, grow stronger and heal faster.

When you give to Children's Minnesota you make a difference for thousands of local kids. You make every day a little easier. You make the future brighter.


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