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Bringing hope and healing to grieving children and their families

Children's Grief Connection serves families who are devastated by the death of a loved one. Families who struggle with feelings of fear, regret and disconnection. Their isolation is broken by joining with other traumatized families who are experiencing the same heartache. Together in the safe and compassionate setting of Hearts of Hope Family Grief Camp, families make deep connections that provide support and understanding. Isolation is replaced with connection.

Established in 2001, Children's Grief Connection has provided 38 Hearts of Hope Grief Camps. Whether the loss occurred recently or many years ago, from toddler to grandparent, all are welcome. This FREE weekend camp program meets the developmental grief needs of all family members. Hearts of Hope gives children and adults the chance to share their grief and learn new coping skills, along with the opportunity to play and have fun. The shared experience and supportive environment at Hearts of Hope shifts a family's understanding of grief, which, in turn, changes its impact. The family's dynamic changes so they may grieve and remember together. Where once the family's focus was on loss, it now becomes a focus on hope.

Children's Grief Connection strives to achieve the founding vision to "create a world where the needs of grieving children are understood and met." Together we can bring hope and healing to grieving children and their families.  

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