Children's Shelter of Cebu

Your contribution provides a loving home to 90 orphaned children in Cebu City, Philippines.

“He was found sleeping on the street” are words that shouldn’t apply to anyone, let alone a little boy. Yet, this is how Timmy (name changed for privacy) came to be a CSC kid. He came into our care with the clothes on his back and a small bag of possessions. The police couldn’t find any family, Timmy didn’t know how old he was and had no idea where he was born. He barely had an identity when he came into our care.

We eventually learned why Timmy was on the street. He had run away from home even though his father had tied up his feet to keep him there. He had been tied up daily to keep him from wandering around the neighborhood looking for money or food. Eventually Timmy decided he would be better off on his own.

The night before a concerned citizen called the police, Timmy lay his head on some bunched up clothes on top of pavement, alone except for the stray dogs and rodents that surrounded him. What could that poor little boy have hoped for when he drifted off to sleep that night?

I know this much, he wouldn’t have known to hope for CSC. How could he dare dream of a place with medicine to treat the worms robbing him of nutrition, warm meals, loving caregivers, comfortable beds and a school to learn?

But, then came CSC, and everything changed.

In the U.S., we’re about to celebrate Thanksgiving. A boy like Timmy reminds me just how much to be thankful for. Nothing is taken for granted in his world, and we’ve seen a delightful little boy who smiles easily and laughs often emerge.

This is what we do at CSC. God uses us to offer complete turnarounds. We need help doing it. Without those who commit to give, Timmy and all 80 children at CSC go back to having nothing. I hope you’ll help us as you can. Know this: you are one of the reasons we are thankful here. 

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