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Child kidnapping prevention and location specialists, helping children and devastated families-in-crisis through free services.

Child Find received a call from the mother of 3 young children – 2 of whom were abducted by their father.  For two years she had been searching – tracking them as best she could through the internet, begging for assistance from law enforcement and legal authorities – to no avail. Finally, the father was located in another state, but authorities there refused to help – despite her custody order - insisting it was a civil matter.  The father took off again and the last the mom knew he was over 1000 miles away, in Canada. Finally, Mom called Child Find. Our case workers helped her develop a plan and did some digging to locate the dad, now back in the states, but 500 miles away. Mom’s case manager discussed how she might recover the kids, and went over options. Mom said she would keep in touch.  Eager to get back her children, Mom drove the 500 mile trek to the school the children were most likely attending, but the school’s administrative staff would not disclose any information to her.  Then she got a phone call from the children’s father. He said he “wanted to right his wrongs” and return the children. Mom believed the school told him she had been there and that he had also been made aware of pending legal action. Within 19 days of her initial phone call to Child Find, Mom was calling back to joyfully report that her children were finally home. Two weeks later she sent us this email and reunion photographs.

Thank you so much. You are the angel in my life. I have been telling my story over and over for the past two years and it managed to get to you. I cannot thank you enough for all that you and this organization has done for me and my family. The kids are doing very well. They should be in school by next week and they are so happy to be home... May God bless you and this organization and I will keep in touch. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Unfortunately, there are countless other children and left- behind parents out there hoping for similar reunions. And sadly, there are many more separated parents embroiled in conflict over issues such as custody, visitation and child support, conditions that lead to abductions like those in this mom's case.

Child Find was founded in 1980 by Gloria Yerkovich, another left-behind mother. Since then, Child Find has prevented and resolved family abductions, runaways and kidnappings through investigation, mediation, and education - free of charge – because of caring people like you.

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