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Founded 2001

Chicken Run Rescue fosters an evolution in critical thought about who is food and who is friend through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education.
Help all animals by adopting a vegan diet. Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions.
The Real Cost of Eggs:
- laying hens have been bred to lay incessantly. Chickens in the wild lay fewer than 20 eggs a year and live to 30 years old. Contemporary laying hens lay between 300 and 350 eggs a year and develop reproductive disease which is the cause of up to 90% of mortality in egg-laying flocks beginning at the age of 2 years old. It is a protracted and horrible death. Google “laying hens and ovarian cancer” and “egg yolk peritonitis in laying hens” and choose “images".
- for every laying hen there is a dead or abandoned rooster. Google “male chicks”.
- chickens are Tropical Jungle Fowl and need serious and costly protection in Minnesota’s extreme hot and cold climate.

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