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How often do you feel gratitude and joy because you belong to a faith community that lives your Gospel values and religious beliefs without compromise? Charis is the place where many Catholic Christians are doing just that.   

Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community was imagined and brought to life by a committed few who prayed for a gathering modeled after the early Christian Church in the Spirit of Vatican II. A gathering that welcomes and embraces all with the healing love, peace, and joy of Jesus Christ.

We are now entering our 6th year.

Guided by the promptings of the Holy Spirit during our recent visioning process, Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community crystallized our hopes for shared path.  You can read it in full at   

We ask for your financial support in achieving our faith community’s vision.  

We are a faith Community in the Catholic Tradition that is completely inclusive where everyone is welcome, and we want to get the word out that there is a place for everyone — for you

• Young/Old/Single/Married/Divorced 

• Those with much faith & those with little faith 

• Those in need of connection & those who love engaging 

• Participants with just one skill or interest to offer or much more 

• People who want to live change now 

• People who have been let down or hurt by the church

• Priests and deacons that are male/female/single/ married/partnered 

• People who miss authentic community


• To be a haven for open thought, expression, and action. 

• To maintain an atmosphere in which all are equal without barriers.

• To be a catalyst for fulfilling your life vision and mission. 

• To provide real connection and support as you navigate the challenges that life can present. 

• To create a place where you feel valued and have fun.


We are People of God baptized in Christ who practice our Catholic faith as a discipleship of equals, extending welcome and full sacramental participation to all, regardless of gender identity, orientation, or marital status.


To be a thriving and profoundly connected community in which the driving focus is love without judgment, authentic inclusion, service to others, following Jesus Christ, and learning from the witness of holy people throughout the ages.


What our members have to say about what makes Charis distinctive...

What initially drew me to Charis? What keeps me coming back?

A chance meeting after 20 years and… Fate? I attended a small faith-sharing meeting one evening that filled me with a strong desire for more, more, more…

Due to my recent retirement, I was hungry for being a part of a community.  I got involved on Council, met new people who shared my values, and got reacquainted with previous friends. The hook was set. I got in the boat!

What keeps me coming back? The people. The shared values. The spiritual journey.

Diana Rohlfsen, Apple Valley, MN

I was drawn to Charis because of its welcoming inclusion of everyone. Especially important to me is ALL are invited to share Eucharist — without exception. Women have equal opportunity to serve as well.

All marriages and relationships are honored with conscience being the individual’s guide.

Carol Coburn, Eden Prairie, MN

I was initially attracted to Charis because it is built on the idea of emulating Christ and the Apostles and their commitment to loving people without judgement.   The Mass has positive messaging, includes ALL people, and distributes Communion to anyone wanting the healing bread of life. The homilies bring the readings to life for today’s world, encouraging us to draw on life experiences, share lessons learned, and become part of a supportive community that journeys together. 

Charis is a celebration of living in Christ that fills my soul with joy and strengthens my connection to God.  

Jean Curtiss, Eden Prairie, MN 

Charis came into my life at a time when I was most open to hearing God’s message in a new way. I look forward each week to hearing the scriptures broken open by our female pastor Trish Vanni. She offers a fresh perspective to me after living six decades — and always hearing old white men (bless them for their contribution) do the preaching. We also practice a dialog homily wherein everyone has an opportunity to offer up ideas about what the homily stirred up in you. It is another example of how our community listens to everyone and honors their unique contribution. 

Tom Klein, Edina, MN

What initially drew me to Charis? While technically my life partner brought me to Charis, I have to give a shout out the Holy Spirit. 


What keeps me coming back to Charis? Charis has become a spiritual home where all are truly welcome. I am welcome to come as I am: the good, bad, and ugly. Charis strives to transform, not to conform, and I do feel transformed with the message of absolute, and total Love. 

 Samantha Leuschner, Worcester, MA

Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community is incorporated under the name Ecumenical Catholic Communion of the Twin Cities.

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