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In Tanzania, only 2% of children over age 12 were able to continue their education. We are changing this statistic, student by student.

Magulilwa Area Secondary School is a community-based school in the village of Maguillwa, Tanzania that began with a group of empty buildings and a dream.  Seven years ago, at the edge of Maguillwa, a group of empty, run-down buildings could be seen as you drove into the village on the bumpy dirt roads.  The 12-year old graduates of Maguillwa's primary school generally stayed in the village and began farming, as it was not feasible to continue their education because there were so few secondary schools in the country.  In the past 7 years, the village of Magulilwa has been transformed.  The dream to build a secondary school became a reality as the people of Magulilwa made bricks from the red earth, and teams in the U.S. and Tanzania coordinated efforts to create a beautiful campus where students are expanding their minds to new ideas and new jobs have been created.  Now, as you drive down the hill into Magulilwa, you can see the school's bright buildings speckling the hillside.  In a place where a secondary education was a rare opportunity and an unreachable goal for most village families, education now permeates the community and brings hope for a better future.

Change It Forward Foundation-Tanzania ( is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our primary mission is to support, enhance, and promote secondary education in Tanzania. We believe in the development of a new generation of leaders who, by virtue of their education, will transform themselves, their communities, and the world around them -- to "change it forward!" Through our partnership with Magulilwa Area Secondary School (, we are working to complete capital building projects as well as providing numerous scholarships for students. Magulilwa Area Secondary School was built from the dreams of many and the hands of many more. With the blending and bridging of communities from across the ocean, the school opened in 2006 with 70 students. Now 4 classes of students are being provided a quality education. With this school and your support, education and the fulfillment of dreams is no longer out of reach to so many.

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