Connecting Hope And Medicine to People in Haiti

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Established in 2014, this Minnesota nonprofit has evolved from Bi-annual volunteer trips, serving in rural mobile , to a permanent clinic building run by Haitian Staff in Village Trianon, a mountain clinic NE of Port au Prince.

Your donations are gratefully accepted and 100% ( no American paid staff) goes toward sustaining 3 clinics monthly.  A fair-wage stipend goes to 4 Haitian  medical professionals serving and managing the clinic.  Dentistry, physician, clinic director and a medical assistant.  All  supplies and medications are provided by CHAMPs.  

Due to the global pandemic, the HOME Clinic was forced to pause services for 10 weeks until we could get adequate PPE to staff.  Our goal is to make 3 trips annual trips, to assist in clinics, mentor staff, and collaborate in the care of patients with disease processes inherent to Haiti culture and demographics.  

In 2019, CHAMPs is proud to offer village its FIRST EVER   FREE POTABLE  WATER SOURCE using a solar powered cistern and filtration system.  The cost was $35,000  It services up to 7000 people in the village,  Each family has their own buckets for retrieval twice weekly.   

Annual sustaining cost of Water, medical supplies, medicine and staff stipends is $27,000.  

CHAMPs prides itself on understanding families in systemic poverty.  We strive to optimize health care access, but also our purchasing methods that will support Haitian economic welfare.  

Know that we appreciate your trust in CHAMPs to responsibly pay forward your generosity.

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Connecting Hope And Medicine to People in Haiti

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