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Centro Tyrone Guzman is a nonprofit serving the Latine* community in the Twin Cities. Our goal is to decrease the opportunity gaps that affect Latines in the areas of health and education.

Centro Tyrone Guzman was founded in 1974 by Marcela Lucero Trujillo—who was a writer, poet, linguist, activist, and professor of Chicane Studies at the University of Minnesota. She and a group of young volunteers from the Chicanes Vencerán group started Centro Tyrone Guzman to support Latine mothers and their children. Her passion and commitment were crucial to starting our organization.  

 We continue her work, with programs that range across the lifespan of our program participants. Pregnant moms, children, youth, parents, caregivers, and elders participate in educational and leadership workshops; and receive resources, information, and support.

Your contribution can help our families.

$50 will provide diapers for two weeks for one baby in our Maternal Health program.

$130 will provide two healthy food baskets for Wise Elders program participants with chronic diseases.

$190 will provide a Wi-fi Hotspot providing 12 months of the Internet for a Wise Elders program.

$500 will provide a daily nutritious lunch for one Siembra child for a school year.

$5,400 will provide a partial scholarship for a child to attend Siembra Montessori 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for a school year (48 weeks).

*Centro Tyrone Guzman has chosen to use “e,” in place of the Spanish use of masculine ”o,” to include people of all genders. We are committed to gender inclusion and recognize the important contributions that all persons make to our communities.


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