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At CTUL we believe in the dignity of all work and in the leadership potential of all people. A donation to Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (the Center for Workers United in Struggle) supports our Construction campaign as we take on developers who have multiple reports of egregious labor practices and support workers with Know Your Rights outreach and our worker leadership development programs, equipping more low-wage workers with the knowledge and confidence to make change in their own workplaces as well as at the systemic level. 

Through CTUL, we come together across differences in language, background, and industry to learn about our workplace rights and the systemic forces that perpetuate the injustices we experience on the job. We map power, foster Black-brown solidarity, and build campaigns for transformative change. 

Giving $10 today
Goes towards supplies for an art build to have signs at marches 
Giving $25 today
Two days of expenses for an organizer to do outreach at job sites
Giving $50 today
Transportation vouchers for workers to attend a Know Your Rights training 
Giving $80 today
Provides a half day stipend for workers to receive training and leadership development
Giving $100 today
Support our next construction action to pressure developers  
Giving $160 today
Provides a full day stipend to bridge barriers for workers' participation in organizing ($20 an hour - full day of work missed)
Giving $200 today
Provides an organizer the proper equipment to visit a construction job site

A donation of any amount supports our worker crisis fund which aids workers when they are experiencing bad conditions and need immediate aid. 

Through CTUL, workers have recovered more than $4 million in stolen wages since 2008 and played key roles in campaigns for essential worker pay, paid sick days, and a higher minimum wage in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 

Defensores Organizer, Indira Garmendia Alfaro, and CTUL member Shenda Kazee lead a popular education activity at our 2020 Juneteenth event outside our building at 3715 Chicago Avenue.Staff and Members of our Defensores team at CTUL's 2022 Juneteenth event, run by Future Fighters (our campaign to support Black workers) and partner organizations, honoring our fight for $15 going fully into effect in 2022. 


Dignity and Respect March (June 16th 2022) CTUL's Construction Campaign:

We are calling on three major developers that rely on non-union construction labor, Yellow Tree, United Properties, and Solhem to join the Building Dignity and Respect Program (BDR). The non-union construction industry is known for unjust labor practices, including, unsafe job sites, worker injuries going unaddressed, consistent wage theft, and harmful threats to vulnerable workers. The Building Dignity and Respect Council (BDC) is an enforcement council ready to hold developers accountable to fair labor practices. CTUL is organizing construction workers as we continue to invite these three developers to join BDR.

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