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Too many times we heard dementia patients and families say, "They said there's nothing we can do, come back in a year". Families huddle in tears trying to figure out what to do after hearing these words. With appointments for dementia specialists scheduling out five months or more, we decided to act. 

On a Mission

Over the past four years, 80+ St. Cloud, MN area dementia clinicians, dementia services providers, patients, caregivers, social workers, legislators, clergy, educators and other professionals, and activists met several times to determine the best course and strategy for a mission to, "Improve access to quality dementia care in our community".  After several strategic planning sessions, we have formed a nonprofit called Central Minnesota Dementia Community Action Network (D-CAN).  We are on a mission to improve quality of life for people living with dementia and their families and we need your help.  We are applying for a Minnesota Board on Aging grant to help cover some of the cost of services we provide  to clients at our Dementia Resource Center (DRC) - services that some clients may not be able to afford.  We are just now working to complete a pilot study of our first 25 DRC client evaluations that started April 12, 2021.  We expect to finish the pilot study by the end of July, 2021 and open at new space elsewhere in St. Cloud donated by CentraCare but to be announced later when finalized.

Campaign Goal - A Quality, Person-Centered Dementia Resource Center

We want our "2021 Life to Live Dementia Campaign" to fund the startup of dementia consultation/evaluation services at this Dementia Resource Center (DRC).  The DRC collaborates with local dementia clinicians to enhance care in a patient/caregiver-centered way, while offloading some of the stress felt by primary care and specialty dementia clinicians dealing with the pandemic and the increasing demands of more complex care generally.  We bring in a new model of dementia care based upon careful history, medical, and medication evaluations as well as comprehensive dementia risk assessments and risk reduction education - all in collaboration with local clinicians and dementia services providers.  

Thanks to Whitney Senior Center, our Dementia Resource Center (DRC) is now open at Whitney and seeing clients since April 12, 2021.  Feedback from clients and caregivers is very positive so far.  Call 320-492-8207 to schedule an appointment.  But many of the new tests, nutritional and activity education services may not be covered by Medicare or insurance, so we will need to offer "scholarship" service to many clients including those without current symptoms who just want to be trained in dementia prevention.  Our Website is now completed and has more details on the DRC, how it works for our community and how you can get involved there or with D-CAN.  Also, check out our Facebook page for DRC updates, personal dementia stories, a new online Dementia Services Directory, and several short informational articles on dementia topics of interest.  

My favorite DRC client quote so far - "This is just what we needed".

Patrick Zook, MD, President

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